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Fusing & Slumping
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 Frit Pix #1-Two - Three Hour Sessions
Melanie is back and wants to kick start the Fall Season with a "Spooky" themed project. She will be coming in to make a NEW sample piece to help disturb the cobwebs in our brain. This will take you back to the days of playing with colored sand, but better! She is also changing some of the methods we used from prior classes. There will be a hand out explaining the different reactions you will get using different types of frit. You will also be tortured with other possibilities for your project, that I won't go into detail about until class time. 
Class Fee $50.00 + $20.00 Kit Fee + Supplies
Instructor Melanie

FRIT PIX Dos (aka: Wavy,Beautiful) – 2- Three Hour Sessions
This is a more spun up version of the first class. You need to take the first class before this one. You will be doing different types of inclusions with your frit, as well as sizes and shapes.
Class Fee $75.00 + $25.00 Kit Fee
 Instructor Melanie
Mardi Gras Fused Glass - 2 - Four Hour Sessions 
Lora (aka our "bracelet/ Stack Your Glass Lady) who is quickly becoming the "Queen of Scrap" has another great, fun way to use up some of your 96 scrap glass. This time you will use opal and cathedral glass to make an amazingly colorful and fun triple layer fused dish with lots of depth. This is a mosaic technique so bring all of your glass cutting and breaking tools. You will need mosaic nippers as well. Once again, the possibilities are endless and gorgeous. The base for your project will be a single layer of clear 96, 10 x 10 inches, which you may bring to class or get it when you come in.
It is a lot of fun watching your colors take shape. Some cutting experience is required but no fusing experience is necessary. Just time and patience to turn out a pretty spectacular project. There will be small breaks during class. I will have a sample here soon!
Class fee $75.00 + $20.00 kit fee + supplies
T.B.A.                                                                                                                                    Instructor Lora
What? More Scrap? - 1 - Four Hour Session 
Yes!! Bring your scrap glass, large and small pieces. Lora (firmly immersed now as our Queen of Scrap) has several samples of different ideas for your precious bits and pieces. The samples are all from one kind of glass but you can and should use whatever colors you like, including iridized and even some Dichroic. You may want to build your dish on a clear base. The choice will be yours, if you have it bring it.
Class fee $60.00 + $10.00 Kit Fee + Supplies
July 8th 10am - 2pm                                                
                                                                                   Instructor Lora

Special Fusing and Slumping - 3-  Three Hour Sessions
This is the class of classes. A combination of 4 classes combined into 3 - 3 hour sessions. Some glass cutting skills required. The $15.00 kit fee includes shop supplies, like frit, stringers, noodles, confetti, kiln time, etc. Please, bring your tools!! You will need you glass cutter, breaking pliers & running pliers. There will be home work assigned and must be completed for your next session. The following is what will be covered in class. 
Mold treatment and care, Devitrification solutions (sometimes called Devit), Double Fluted Vases, Woven Stripe Dish, Basket Weave Dish, Opal Art Dish, Wind Chimes and Fused/ Slumped Bottles.
Class fee $80.00 + $20.00 Kit Fee
August 10th, 17th & 24th 11am - 2pm 
September 9th, 16th & 23rd  11am - 2pm This is a Saturday, call AsAP!!
                                                                              Instructor Jack
**NEW & Improved** Organic/ Fossil Vitrofusion w/ Wanda
Carole has mastered this very unique and fun art form and has passed the torch to Wanda. This is an exciting class because the results of the projects are so surprising and unpredictable. Please bring your glass cutting and breaking tools. Basic glass cutting skills are required. The $25.00 kit fee covers some shop supplies like frit, stingers, noodles, confetti, kiln time, etc.
Organic Vitrofusion is a method of imprinting organic material onto glass. This includes fresh, dried or semi - dried leaves, flower blossoms, grass, seeds, etc. We will look at two methods of Organic Vitrofusion.
First Session: The first method involves imprinting organic matter on one sheet of glass using 1/8" fiber paper. You will decide whether you wish to do a set of coasters or a dish or both. You will select the leaves and flowers you want to use from the ones available for the class (or you can bring your own) and learn how to enhance them with frit and inclusions. You can bring your own leaves and flowers for the next session.
Second Session: You will take fused piece and decide how to finish it. Examples of different finishing techniques will be available. You will learn how to fuse leaves and flowers between two pieces of glass without enhancements. this will give a shadow effect.
Every student is required to supply their own dried plants, flower buds, feathers, etc. 
Class Fee $75.00 + $25.00 Kit Fee + Supplies
August 4th & 11th   11am - 1pm
                                                                      Instructor Wanda

 Stack Your Glass - 2- Sessions
Lora (our “Bracelet Lady”) would like to teach some interesting and fun new ideas, so we came up with this class to start. This is a two session class; however, the second one will probably be short. Her completed projects are just amazing! I even did one just to see if this could be of interest to others……and I do believe it is!! So, you will be making a striking dish using a simple glass stacking technique. Learn options for thicker pieces. Find out about firing tricks and techniques for various edge contours and finishing. Firing schedules will be discussed in as much detail as you want (or not). This will be a great opportunity to use up some of your System 96 scrap glass of all kinds – colors, clear, patterns, even small pieces of iridized and dichro. The base will be made from two 10x10 pieces of sheet glass which you may bring or purchase at the shop.
Class Fee $60.00 + $20.00 Kit/ Fusing Fee + Supplies

                                                                              Instructor Lora
*** NEW***Special Fused Wall Sconces - 3 - Three Hour Sessions
Let's play and get creative!! These lighted wall sconces are fun and easy to do, as they require no drilling or slumping of the glass. We want you to use the time to make these simple pieces, extra extraordinary! You will be shown different ways to use frit, paint enamels, to initially decorate your piece before the first firing. Second session, you complete your design and get it ready for the final firing. The last session will be quick and easy assembly of your light unit.
Class Fee $60.00 + $15.00 Kit/ Fusing Fee + Supplies  Temporarily suspended, need the light fixtures, as they have been discontinued. Will keep you posted.
T.B.A.                       Instructor Jack
Glass Casting - 3 - Three Hour Sessions
This class is three sessions and limited to eight students. We will be using 96 COE assorted powder and fine frit. There will 35 to 40 different molds for this class. Complete instructions with weight charts, burnout time and temperatures will be passed out in class. Assorted frit colors are part of material supplied. Back ground glass may be required as a separate purchase. There is no limit to what can be accomplished in this class. Treating of casting molds will also be covered. Bring your cutting, breaking and mosaic cutting tools. If you have any 96 Dichroic glass, bring it to class. Samples will be on display early November.
Class fee  $75.00 + $25.00 for frit and kiln time during class + supplies
T.B.A.             Instructor Jack
**Fused & Slumped Glass Flowers
The Kit fee will cover kiln time, frit, stingers, enamels and copper tubing. Bring your glass cutting and breaking tools. You will need one roll of high temp wire or Stainless Steel wire. (We have found it only at Ace Hardware). Due to the amount of molds available by Tucson Stained Glass, projects will be limited. In the first session, each student will be limited to two flowers and 4-6 different leafs. These will be fused & slumped. The more detail time spent on these flowers, better the end results. You will assemble the flowers and leafs on copper tubing. 
Class Fee $75.00 + $25.00 supply fee
T.B.A.                   Instructor Jack
Frozen Frit – 2 - Two Hour Sessions 
Each session will be two hours. Add dimension to your fused and slumped pieces. Estelle will show you how to freeze your frit in a variety of shapes and sizes. During the first session you will learn to mix and freeze your frit. They will be fired in the kiln. The second session you will attach your frozen and fused frit to a piece of Spectrum System 96® COE base glass. The base glass can be decorated with other frit, stringers, noodles or Dichroic. Painting the frozen frit before final fusing adds detail and dimension.
Class Fee $ 45.00 + supplies
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***NEW*** Flexi Glass - 2 - Three Hour Sessions
This is one of the most awesome fusing techniques we have seen. Melanie took a class with David Alcala, the creator of Flexi Glass. Using frit, enamels, mica powders you will not believe your creative genius. This is an easy but involved process. We have some samples at the shop, with more on the way. You will be using 96 COE glass, frits and enamels. There will be on the spot fusing using the transfer sheets, so everyone will have a chance to create their own Flexi Glass to cut & apply to the project.
Class Fee $95.00 + Kit Fee $25.00 + Supplies
Instructor Melanie
***NEW*** Fused Bird Bath/ Feeder OR Yard Art w/ A NEW Redesigned Stand!!
We have Donya to thank for this fun, artistic and down right adorable yard decor!! In 3 fun filled hours you will create your choice of round or square shapes. To hang or not to hang, will be up to you. We are taking pre-orders on iron stands from Hector and there is one on display. There are at least 3 versions of the feeders on display. Supplies needed: Cutting & breaking tools, mosaic nippers, sharpies, Elmer's Gel Glue. At least 2 pieces of 96 COE glass for the main portion of your project and bring your 96 scrap, noodles, stringers, etc!
Class Fee $50.00 + $15.00 Kit Fee + Supplies
July 1st   11am 2pm
Instructor Jack
***NEW*** Dichroic Glass Sculpture- Like No Other Dichroic Class You Have Ever Taken!! Dichroic glass sculpture is a combination of several techniques. It involves taking a solid black, 96 COE glass & strategically placing 2 or more layers of Black Backed 96 COE Dichroic glass on top, creating a pattern. For this class we will limit the final size of the projects to no more than 12" square. We want you to explore this process and not be limited to jewelry sized pieces, but with that said, if you want to create pendants instead, you certainly can!  You will possibly, no, you will absolutely need copious  amounts of Dichro!! Bring your cutting and breaking tools, Mosaic Cutters, Applicator bottle w/ Hairspray, Dichroic pieces, colors that you want on your piece. Crinkle & Patterned Dichro can be used very effectively. The brighter the better. Use Dichro Noodles, Frit, Cutups,etc! For the 2nd session, if you have your own 12x12 waffle grid or the small Morton Cutting surface, bring it. A spray bottle, Black & Silver Sharpies, a good engraving tool, like a Dremel, with a Flex shaft. You will need a small & large round engraving tips, these may be in the Dremel Kit. If you need them, there will be tips available for purchase. Ann & I have samples on display! I have been obsessing over this class!! It has been the best adventure in the use and beauty of Dichroic glass for me! Ann is working on "Part 2" of this process! You had to know it wouldn't end with one!!
Class Fee $75.00 + $20.00 Kiln Fee + Supplies
July 14th & 21st  11am - 2pm
Instructor Ann
**NEW** Fused Fan Lamps & Night Lights
Using Spectrum's 96-COE #200 White glass, you will create designs using templates and patterns, Frit, Noodles, Stringers and Decals. No limit to the amount of projects you can do. Bring your glass cutting & breaking tools, Gel Glue and Markers.     
Class Fee $50.00 + $10.00 Kit Fee + Supplies
T.B.A.                               Instructor Jack
***NEW*** Fused Table Tops -2- Three Hour Sessions
Back by popular demand! These are ideal for patio or indoor accent tables.
Bring your glass cutting and breaking tools. Some cutting experience required. There will be an assorted selection of patterns or get creative and do your own design. Table sizes available are 12" sq., 14" sq., 16" sq., and 12" x 24" rectangle. Tables are approx. 22" tall. The third session will be about an hour or so, if needed. Limited to 12 students.
Class Fee $65.00 + $15.00 Fusing/ Kit Fee + Supplies
September 6th & 13th  11am - 2pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Instructor Jack
​***NEW*** Fused City Scapes
Jack has one on display, using a smokey, streaky glass as the backdrop for his city scape. The possibilities are really endless. This would be a good opportunity to use up some scrap 96 glass and Dichro. We will provide frit, noodles and stringers for added embellishments. You will discuss different methods for display once your piece is fused. Bring your glass cutting & breaking tools. Sharpies, Gel Glue or liquid hairspray in an applicator bottle. Let your imagination go!
Class Fee $50.00 + $10.00 Kit Fee + Supplies
There is a sample on display. 
                                                                                 Instructor Jack

***NEW*** Fused Platters & Appetizer Dishes
This will be a creative way to make durable serving platters for appetizers or whatever you wish, with matching or coordinating 8" serving plates. This is completely different from the Holiday Platter class. Using your choice of 96 Opal Art Glass with bold opal or transparent glass, your colors options could keep you up at night!
There will be several "Platter" type molds to choose from. These make awesome hostess gifts too!
Class Fee $65.00 + $20.00 Kit Fee + Supplies
September 7th & 14th   11am - 2pm

                                                                                     Instructor Jack
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***NEW*** Dichroic Bottle Tops, Napkin Rings & Small Treat Dish
 Jack will show how to make beautiful, excellent quality Wine Bottle Tops. Also, using the Floating Dichro method to create matching Napkin Rings & a colorful candy or treat dish. You will be using 96-COE Dichroic & fusing glass. Bring your cutting and breaking tools, Gel glue and of glass.
Class Fee $60.00 + $20.00 Fusing Fee + Supplies

                                                      Instructor Jack
*** NEW*** Stencil Drawing & Painting
This will be a fun and painless way to have fun with paints, stencils, frit and more! Using pre-cut stencils and Glassline Paint on 96 COE glass, along with outline paint, frit, noodles & stringers. Create unique boarders with cut glass or a stencil. All projects will be worked on an 11" square 96 COE glass, then fused and slumped into an 11" square mold. TSG will supply the paints, noodle & stringers, that is the kit fee below. 
Class Fee $60.00 + $20.00 Kit Fee + Supplies

Instructor Jack
***NEW*** All Occasion Fused Table Lamps *Now - 3 - sessions
Jack got really inspired for this one! In collaboration with Hector's Metal Works, there will be a 6 x 12 and a 8 x 12 metal lamp base to choose from. During the 1st two sessions, you will be creating 4 fused panels that will be easy to slip in and out of the lamp base, including a top panel w/ a finial. Giving you an opportunity to make panels to go with the seasons, decor or mood! On the second session, Jack will show how to add the lighting hardware. Samples are on display. If you are taking this class and know what size you would like, let me know. I want to make sure we have enough bases made up ahead of time. Lamp Bases are not included in kit fee.
Class Fee $75.00 + Kit Fee Approx. $20.00 + Supplies
August 9th, 16th & 23rd   11am - 2pm
                                                                             Instructor Jack

*** NEW*** Re-Worked Advanced - Expanded Dichro Sculpture
Ann has certainly gone beyond all expectations! In this three session, class, you are going experience the awesome beauty of working with Dichroic glass in layers. You will absolutely need all the above mentioned tools from the 1st Dichro Sculpture class. Ann will provide her expert guidance, along with Decals, Rubber Stamps & creative tips for putting your finished project over the top. Prerequisite: You must have taken the 1st class. This is a very intense, yet highly enjoyable process. There will no time for the why's and how come's, as you will be too busy diving into the projects for the day. If you have 96 COE Black glass & 96 COE Dichro on clear AND black backed, bring it along! We will be offering a "Special" discount on any Dichro you purchase during class time. Ann is also providing each student with a well thought out "Class Outline". It will help you plan your next sessions!! Samples are on display.
Class Fee $125.00 + $15.00 Kit - Fusing Fee
                                                                                Instructor Ann
*** NEW*** Fancy Frit Fusing*** Now 2 Sessions
You will be exploring color and design elements with the amazing array of 96 COE Frit and glass. Create unusual and exotic decorations to be used on any configuration of glass to create lovely unique finished pieces. This "was" a one day quick and dirty class, but we had so much fun it is now 2 sessions! Once completed, we will fuse and slump into an available mold of your choice. Bring your glass cutting and breaking tools.
There two Candle Sconces on display, a free form shape in a stand and several dishes. We are hooked and can't stop! Let your imagination run wild!! We are supplying the frit, stringers & noodles.
Class Fee $65.00 + $25.00 Kit & Fusing Fee + Supplies
August 18th & 25th  11am - 2pm

                                                                               Instructor Ann
*** NEW*** Dichro-Sizzle-Pop-Pizzaz Fusing with Jack
So, it seems Jack had more Dichro than he knew what to do with, so he came up with an eye catching design. He can't make them fast enough for his craft fair's! A sample (I hope) will be here soon. You will be using 96 COE glass for the main portion and as much or little 96 Dichro you want to gussy up your project. This will be a fun one session class.
Class Fee $40.00 + $10.00 Kit Fee

Instructor Jack

​*** NEW*** Inkblot & Embossing Fusing
What do you get when you cross Glassline paints, embossers and Southwest style hole punches? Answer: an awesome, one of a kind glass piece that is not only beautifully unique, but so fun and easy to make. Prepare yourself to learn new ways with these wonderful paints. Lots of colors. Lots of design potential. Lots of fun! 'Cause, that's what it's about!! Bring your glass cutting and breaking tools. You will be using 96 COE glass. TSG will be supplying the paints, thinfire paper, larger molds and shims. Wanda will bring hole punchers, embossers, small molds and a hair dryer.
Class Fee $75.00 + $30.00 Kit Fee + Supplies
T.B.A.            Instructor Wanda
***NEW*** Fused Platter's & Appetizer Plates
In this NEW 2 session class, Jack will show how to make quick, colorful and very festive Platter's with matching Appetizer Plates. Create your own pattern to fit the available molds or use ours. Adding frit, noodles, stringers, dichro and/ or milliefiore can make these simple dishes into something every table should be adorned with!!
Class Fee $65.00 + $20.00 Kit/ Fusing Fee + Supplies
September 7th & 14th   11am - 2pm
Instructor Jack
**NEW** Fused Sand Dollar 
Lora has been at it again, playing with ideas and bold colors for this class. Using 96 COE glass and frit, she'll show you some fun tricks to creating these beautiful and unique fused Sand Dollar plates. Bring your glass cutting and breaking tools, glue and sharpies.
Samples and or pictures will be here soon.
Class Fee $60.00 + $25.00 Kit Fee + Supplies
August 11th & 18th    11am - 2pm

                                                                           Instructor Lora
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