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Welcome to the New 
Tucson Stained Glass Website!
We are a full service store for all your stained glass needs. 
       The store is located in the southwest corner of the          Grant Square Shopping Center. 
We have completed our expansion! With nearly 5000 square feet of retail and class/ work room space, this place is filled with new goodies and plenty of elbow room for all. Come by and check it out. 
     We Offer:
  • A full line of glass in standard and fusible. 
  • Classes in standard glass(lead/foil) and warm glass (fusing). 
  • Supplies for all your glass work including beading. 
  • Custom Glass Work: Side Lights, Cabinet Door Glass, Sky Lights, if you have an idea, we may be able to help. 
  • There is also a Gallery of glass work and other craftsmen's works for sale. 
  • Sale Days are the first weekend of every month. 
  • There is a Newsletter every quarter and updates every month by email.
  •  Click the "Contact Us Button" located in the top left corner of the page and send us your email address with your name and we'll keep you up to date.
"Cinco de Mayo Sale Days"
May 5th, 6th & 7th
See Below For Discounts
Cash/ Check/ Debit/ Credit Cards 25% OFF
  No Further Discount N.F.D
NEW Store Hours for Monday's Only
Starting May 2nd - Aug. 29th 10am - 3pm

Daily discounts and Sale Day discounts do not apply to items already reduced or marked as "No Further Discount".Any glass that needs to be cut to size will not receive any discounts. We are no longer cutting self serve glass stock in half. Too many are getting broken. 
Our everyday discounts will be as follows:
Spend $50.00 and receive 10% off. This discount does not apply to 30% off glass or items marked N.F.D. ( No Further Discount)
Daily glass discounts will be the following:
Purchase 3-5 square feet of glass and get 10% off.
Purchase 6-9 square feet and get 15% 0ff.
Purchase 10 square feet or more and get 20% off. 
Colors and brands can be mixed to receive discounts. 

Student discounts: What is a student discount? While you are in one of our classes Students will receive an additional 5% off their supplies. Similar to Sale Days, but better.

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4444 E. Grant Rd. #107
Tucson, AZ 85712
520.745.8844 Business
520.320.7784 Fax
Monday 10am - 3pm
Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm
Saturday 10am - 3pm
Sunday - Closed
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This page was last updated: April 25, 2016
 FYI... many of you have heard about the issues with Bullseye and Uroboros Glass companies. Both have ceased production, but Uroboros has implemented price increases on all of their "Direct" product. Meaning, if they manufacture colors containing Cadmium and/ or Chromium sheet glass, frit, rods, confetti, noodles & stringers prices increased 10% to 40% and they are being rationed out. Uroboros also produces frit, rods, confetti, noodles and stringers from Spectrum colors. So far, there are no increases or rationing on those products from Spectrum. Unfortunately, "some" distributors have taken the extreme route and did a blanket increase on ALL products. So, if I can get all the above mentioned items at a reasonable price, I will continue to do so. Until the issues are resolved, I will not be replacing any Uroboros 96 sheet glass until they resolve the price issue.
From this point forward, ALL Uroboros 96 Sheet Glass will not receive any daily, square foot or sale day discounts, until further notice. I will only replace frit, rods, confetti, noodles and stringers as cost will allow.

Sale Days are just that! A monthly sale that more often than not, occurs on the 1st Thursday, Friday & Saturday of a NEW month. We like having these, as they offer a break on pricing, from the normal daily discounts. Once in awhile, there will be "Special" Sale Days, which are just that, "Special"! Every effort is made to make that policy as clear as possible. Cash is cash. Never have checks been considered cash and they will not be any time soon, sorry, but that is just how it is.

BEWARE...... there are now 2 fun, loving Beagles in the store now. Many of you have already met Candies sister Koda. She is still learning the routine around here and gets very excited when she hears the door chime. If at any time anyone is uncomfortable with the pups, please let me know. They have a large and comfy "Doggie Jail", just in case. Thank you! We looking forward to seeing everyone! :)