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*NEW* All Inclusive Leaded Stained Glass

Three Sessions: A 4th session may be needed.

  • Started Jul 20
  • $325 + $75 Shop Fee
  • East Grant Road 4444

Service Description

**All-Inclusive Stained Glass Extravaganza Description** Welcome to the wildest ride in stained glass history—our All-Inclusive Stained Glass Extravaganza! Buckle up for a riotous weekend where you'll learn the art of stained glass, assuming you already know how to cut the stuff (we're not teaching that part). **Experience Highlights:** - **Intimate Group:** Limited to just four fearless adventurers. Get ready to forge bonds tighter than the seams in your masterpiece. - **Duration:** A whirlwind of creativity squeezed into one adrenaline-pumping weekend. Prepare for stained glass madness! **What's Included (and more):** 1. **Fabulous 12" Square Pattern:** Your ticket to creative genius. This pattern is so sharp, it could cut glass—except it's already cut. You're welcome. 2. **Tools of the Trade:** From glass cutters to soldering irons, we've got the gadgets to make even MacGyver jealous. Get ready to unleash your inner stained glass superhero. 3. **Premium Materials:** We're talking glass so luxurious, it practically sparkles on its own. Plus, metals and soldering stuff to make your creation shine brighter than a disco ball. 4. **Top-Notch Instruction:** Learn from the masters themselves (or at least from folks who know what they're doing). They'll guide you through the art of not ruining everything you touch. 5. **Bang for Your Buck:** A retail value that's more inflated than your ego after completing your masterpiece. Over $650 worth of materials and tools, because we spare no expense.(ex **Extra Fun Stuff:** - **Kit Fee:** A measly $25 to keep the creativity flowing. Think of it as paying for inspiration (or at least for the glue that holds it all together). - **Rental Fee Shindig:** Fork over $50 to rent stuff, but fear not—this fee can be your golden ticket to own the coolest tools in town. It's like a rent-to-own scheme, but with less sketchiness. **Sign Up and Pay Up:** - **Limited Spots:** This ain't your grandma's stained glass class. Secure your spot before it's gone faster than a bad dad joke. - **Cash Splash:** Pay the $325 class fee upfront, plus chump change for the kit and rental fees. Trust us, it's a bargain compared to therapy. **Artistic Awakening:** Get ready to laugh, learn, and create something so dazzling, your friends will wonder if you've secretly joined a cult. Join us for the All-Inclusive Stained Glass Extravaganza and let's make art that's as funny as this description (hopefully). **

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  • East Grant Road 4444, Tucson, AZ 85712, USA


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