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a list of the classes we have to offer!
Current classes have dates & times in Blue.


Due to the number of people on waiting lists, we must now (regrettably) have to enforce pre-payment of class fees.

Due to the increase of no-shows, this policy must be strictly enforced. Please call at least 48 hours ahead of class time, so that we may contact those on the waiting list. 

No need to rush in on sales days to get supplies for class. The first day of each class we will sell you the supplies you need for SALE DAY prices. 

Please arrive on time and ready to get started. There is a lot of material to be covered in all the classes and it becomes too disruptive and it is discourteous to the instructor and the other students when there are late arrivals.

Please, have your tools when you come to class. As a courtesy to your instructor and classmates, please silence your cell phone.


Safety First... It is required of all students and instructors to be wearing "Closed toed shoes" when working and taking classes here. No Shoes..... No Admittance! No Exceptions!  We have seen too many close calls.


If you are interested in any of the classes that don't have dates assigned yet, Or if you have a conflict with the assigned dates, we keep a list of names and desired classes, when a class date is scheduled we can call you. At times we set up special classes with no other notice.

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