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Custom Stained Glass Work

Air Force Promotion Ceremony Gift

Memory/Jewelry Box

Custom Stained Glass


We Offer Custom:
  • Window Panels
  • Side Lights
  • Cabinet Door Glass
  • Sky Lights
  • Memory Boxes
  • Jewelry Boxes
  • And so much more!
We never charge consultation fees, drafting, design or pattern fees! 
We charge a flat rate fee for Custom Stained Glass Works based on total Square Feet* of the Window to be Designed, Cut & Assembled.
(*Please provide us with accurate measurements of the space/opening you'd like a stained glass panel built for and/or bring us a paper or cardboard template of the space/opening. For custom cut glass only - a small cutting fee will be applied on top of the total glass sq.ft. cost)
We are not Licensed, Bonded or Insured for the Removal, Transport or Installation of Stained Glass Work. Removal, Transport and/or Installation is the Customer(s)/Home Owner(s) Responsibility. If you have any questions regarding Removal, Transport and/or Installation of Stained Glass Works please contact us by Phone or Email.
Stained Glass Repair

Stained Glass Repair


We Commonly Repair Stained Glass:
  • Leaded Window Panels 
  • Lamp Shades
  • Pool Table Lamps 
  • Sun Catchers 
  • Ornaments 
  • and much more!
We never charge consultation fees for repair work.
We are always honest if we think a piece of work is beyond repair and/or would be cheaper to have a new custom item built from scratch or if it is beyond our capabilities. (Usually, we are able to recommend other options/places to have your repair looked at) 
There is no flat rate fee for repair work.
All repairs are different, some more laborious than others. Therefore repair estimates are based on Repair Type (Panel, Lamp, Etc) amount of damage (broken glass pieces/materials) & location of Damage. Give us a call , email us photos using our customer upload form with a description or bring in your piece to be looked at.
(In the photo set there are good examples of some repairs that were simple vs. almost complete rebuilds)

This window was originally built too short by another studio. We added about 4 inches to the sky.

This window needed a complete rebuild to restore its strength & color.

Disassembled and Reassembled with new metals & glass cleaned.

Stained Glass Window Assembly Timelapse

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions when it comes to commisioning us to Create a Custom Stained Glass Window.
How much does it cost?
We don't disclose our rate for custom work on our website but you can contact us for an estimate. Almost all Custom Work is priced by the Total Square Feet of the work to be built. Total Sq.Ft X Rate + Tax = Cost.
Why the cost?
Our rate covers Labor + Materials. Labor is the biggest influence on our rate. If you can spare a moment and watch the time-lapse we filmed of a custom stained glass window for the Salvation Army it provides a good understanding of the amount of time and hands-on labor it takes to build a stained glass window. 
Pencil Drawing/Design > Color Choice > Template Creation > Cutting of Each Glass Piece by Hand  > Grinding Sharp Edges Off Every Piece > Assembly > Double Check All Measurements & Squareness > Solder Front & Back > Prep for Putty/Glazing > Handmix and Apply Putty/Glazing to Both Sides > Time to Set > Clean off Excess Putty/Glazing on Both Sides > Dry > Prep for Black Patina Finish > Apply Black Patina Acid to Both Sides > Wax Both Sides > Buff & Polish Both Sides.
How long does it take to build?
A number of factors influence the time it may take to build your custom window: Current Commissioned Work in Progress, Size of the window, the complexity of design, design drawing & approval, color choice availability and assembly time. A typical 6-8sq.ft window can take 3-4 weeks assuming there are no other windows and/or repair work in progress ahead of yours.
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